Diploma in Counselling Practice

Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Practice – Course Information


The Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Practice is designed to equip counsellors with a comprehensive ability in both counselling skills and theory.  The ethical dimension of counselling and psychotherapy underpins all teaching together with a philosophy of equal opportunities.

This course is for people who already use counselling skills in the course of their work, and who wish to acquire more advanced skills to enter the profession as a qualified counsellor/psychotherapist and further develop their career potential in this field. A level 4 Dilpoma qualification is the entry level qualification  for practitioners applying or professional accreditation in psychotherapy allowing those with this qualification to practice within in a variety of clinical settings. Our Level 4 training is accredited by the National Counselling Society (NCS).


This course is for people who already use counselling skills in the course of their work,  or who wish to acquire these skills to develop their work potential.  It enables people to practice counselling skills in a variety of settings.


The principle aims of the Level 3 Certificate course are:

  • To equip students with the capacity to work competently, ethically and professionally with clients under supervision
  • To understand the major theoretical traditions and the way in which psychological knowledge informs clinical practice, particularly with regard to the beginning, middle and ending phases of counselling/psychotherapy
  • That students further develop critical thinking about their own beliefs, assumptions and value systems and how these influence the therapeutic relationship
  • Students completing Certificate Course are prepared to work professionally with clients in group or individually under clinical supervision


Level 4 is for applicants already committed to becoming counselling practitioners from one theoretical standpoint.


Units covered at Level 4:

  • Working with couples; Emotionally focused therapy, ethics and practical application
  • Integrating theory and practice; Schema therapy, measuring effectiveness and comparisons to other models
  • Embarking on Practice; application of theory, supervision in practice
  • Counselling Practicum; working with ethical and legal requirements, 100+ hrs


Level 3 and 4 are usually taken together. If you would like to take apply for Level 3 without Level 4 please send enquire.

  • applicants are usually 25 years of age or over
  • are engaged in or planning to be engaged in work (either paid or voluntary) which requires the use of counselling skills
  •  are required to have Qualification at Level 2 ‘Introduction to Counselling Concepts’ (or equivalent)
  •  are personally suitable to engage in and benefit from training


Placement Guidance for Tutors, Learners and Placement Providers


Applications to be submitted by 26th June 2017


Download application form for Level 4 here


All enquiries and application forms to be sent to info@counsellingpastoraltrust.org