Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

What makes connection in marriage so difficult? How can a couple who have been together for a long time, still feel as though they hardly know each other?

Consider whether any of these statements reflect your experience with your partner:


Couples Counselling

  • I sometimes get ignored when I need attention the most.
  • I get angry and upset when I don’t get the attention I need from my partner.
  • I often find myself becoming irritable with my partner.
  • I often feel irritated that my partner isn’t on my side.
  • I have trouble getting my partner to listen or respond to me.


Using Emotionally Focused Therapy our Counsellors work in depth with couples to identify areas in which couples get stuck in destructive cycles in relationships, confront destructive patterns of relating, or “unlearn” what has kept couples lonely and isolated from one another.



Contrary to popular opinion, marital therapy based on active listening (“talk therapy”) and conflict resolution alone is surprisingly  ineffective.  Using emotion-focussed couples therapy CPT employs counselling using interventions that repair, build and sustain lasting relationships.



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