News: The Counselling Pastoral Trust presents a couples workshop series, “Creating a new relationship bond”. Hosted by Dr. Agnes Sullivan & Dr. Offer Maurer. To find out dates and more information please click here.

News : The Counselling Pastoral Trust is delivering an accredited Advanced Diploma in Counselling Practice (450 guided learning hours) that prepares graduates for full time professional roles in counselling and psychotherapy in the UK including working in the NHS.  To receive information about this course, click here.


The Counselling Pastoral Trust (CPT) is a charity dedicated to keeping families together. We provide affordable professional counselling services to families and individuals to help resolve problems that lead to relationship breakdown.  In 2009 CPT established The Schema Therapy institute, to train counsellors and psychotherapists/psychologists in individual, group and child and adolescent schema therapy.




Where We Can Help

You may be wondering whether therapy is right for you. If you recognise any of the experiences outlined below, or if you feel stuck in a way that is hard to describe, we can offer help. Regular sessions are provided so problems or experiences that may have seemed confusing, frightening or even overwhelming can be resolved.

The kinds of experiences we at CPT can help with include :

  • Feelings of depression, anxiety or confusion
  • Concerns about your relationships, at home or work
  • Suffering the pain of loss or bereavement
  • Feelings of loneliness, an inability to connect with those around you.
  • Physical problems with no clear physical cause
  • Finding there is no meaning in life
  • Suffering from trauma, or abuse whether past or present
  • Addictions (sexual, drugs, gambling, alcohol, and other compulsive behaviours)

What we offer

In the area of emotions many have suffered. CPT offers hope to anybody who wants to change life-long problems and move on. We will work with you as long as you need us.

We have a range of therapeutic approaches aimed at helping you in the best possible way. The core of our work is in…

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