About Us

About Us


Established in 1993, the Counselling Pastoral Trust is a grass-roots community-based counselling and training charity, with a growing national and international reputation for its work in helping individuals to breakthrough negative behaviours, and recover from chronic stress/anxiety and depression.


Starting from a room rented from a computer company near Liverpool Street, the charity now has a team of 8 therapists, operating 6 days a week with additional volunteers, providing a full schedule of groups and individual services to 250 people a week. CPT’s main offices are now in Putney in south west London, from where therapy and training is offered to those who request help, regardless of religion, race, education or socioeconomic status. We offer Schema Therapy (ST), a highly effective model of therapy, which helps those for whom therapy and self-help have failed to produce measurable and sustainable change. We are proud of our ongoing success in transforming lives.


CPT founded by Agnes Sullivan as the Domestic Violence Project


CPT Training School


Being Together Course for couples launched


Perception of Love Course restoring closeness within families added


Impact Addiction and Mood Management Courses designed and run CPT Moves to Fulham Palace


Schema Therapy


The Schema Therapy Institute, was formed to provide training, supervision and certification preparation for clinicians working across the UK and Europe


CPT launches in the City.  CPT continues to grow, offering counselling to a wider range of individuals, offering training and services to companies and corporate counselling in conflict management and assertiveness training.

2017 to 2020

CPT moves to a central location in Covent Garden where they remain for approximately 3 years

2020 to Present Day

July – CPT moves to its current location in Putney. 

In a climate where attitudes towards mental health problems are continuing to change for the better and the stigma attached to the acknowledgement of the existence of mental health issues is on the decline, the reality is that only about a quarter of people with a mental health problem receive ongoing treatment. The majority of people grappling with mental health issues are pretty isolated from individualised help or information, and dependent on the informal support of family, friends or colleagues.


In the 24 years since CPT was founded, we have grown steadily and organically through word of mouth.  Approximately 50% of our income annually is derived from fees paid by clients who can afford to pay for therapy and training.  The balance of our income is attributable to donations and grants.  We have achieved this through minimal expenditure on fundraising and marketing (accounting for 1% of our expenditure in 2016).  CPT volunteers currently invest approximately 144 000 hours per annum.


The Counselling Pastoral Trust (CPT) is committed to ensuring that nobody faces a mental health problem alone.


To achieve this, we work in partnership with volunteers, donors and supporters.  Our survival is tied to their commitment and generosity.