How do I book an appointment?

To book an initial assessment for therapy with the Counselling Pastoral Trust you can contact us yourself – you do not need to be referred.

Please complete the following form, or to speak with one of the team Contact Us



The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation takes 50 to 90 minutes. An experienced therapist will explore with you your needs, your expectations, and our services.

Following the initial consultation we will consider the best way forward and make recommendations. Occasionally we will need further information or require you to have a second, more specialised assessment. If we think that our services cannot provide the help you need, we will make referrals.



CPT is a charity committed to providing affordable services and operate a sliding scale of fees. Our fees take into account your financial circumstances, whilst contributing towards the realistic cost of services. The fees are discussed and agreed with you but are likely to range from £50 to £100.