Higher Diploma in Counselling

At this level,  students are required to work towards mastery of their main core theoretical approach and relate this approach to their use of skills, evaluation of effectiveness (research), supervision and continued professional development.


Students are introduced to and given opportunities to study complex counselling throughout the course and to develop appropriate skills and techniques.  They are required to understand and integrate learning about relationships with themselves,  their clients,  their colleagues as well as with others, so that their client-work is safe and contained, neither defensive or acted out.  Clinical placement and supervision are included.

  • Counselling Theory
  • Developing Higher Counselling Skills Counselling Practice
  • Counselling Practice
  • Counselling in Context
  • Counselling Supervision and Principles of Continuing Professional Development
  • Synoptic Assessment in Counselling Practice

Prior training to at least Gilead Level 3 is required for entry.  The development of extensive knowledge and understanding of theoretical frameworks that support and inform work with clients is an essential aspect of  this training.



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