Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Many of the personal problems we face arise from family situations. The family can be a great source of support when it is working well and a great source of distress when it is not. The stresses and strains of everyday life, together with the tensions that each member may contribute, can put families under immense pressure.


With qualified and experienced therapists and social workers on our team, we can help. Families can explore their difficulties and ways of overcoming them. Together, the aim will be to address and change unhelpful and potentially destructive patterns of behaviour.


Without help, even amongst the warmest of communities, families can become very hurt and many separate because this appears to be the only option. In a professional setting, with the boundaries of safety and confidentiality, recovery from severe difficulties is made possible by ensuring that all family members can begin to have their needs met.


Understanding the bruised and broken places in families allows for healing and reconciliation.


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